Over the course of years, Ann Oldham has spent countless hours researching and studying history. She has focused a portion of those studies on three characters whose lives touched southwest Colorado in some way.

SORRY, THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT AT THIS TIME. Col. Albert Pfeiffer was an Indian Agent and soldier, and fought for ownership of the Pagosa hot spring. Read of his heroics and the tragedies he suffered in Albert H. Pfeiffer Indian Agent, Soldier and Mountain Man.

Alferd Packer is well known in history for being accused of being a cannibal and standing trial for that crime. Learn about Packer’s life prior to these accusations and the outcome of the trial in Alferd G. Packer Soldier, Prospector and Cannibal.

William Lewis was a graduate of West Point and honorably served in the Army. In Lt. Col. William H. Lewis Duty, Honor, Country, you will learn about Lewis’ military service and why Camp Lewis, originally located at Pagosa Springs, Colorado, was named for him.